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Police DAV Public School, Jalandhar affiliated to CBSE (New Delhi) with English as its medium of instruction, stands as a vanguard in the field of education. Being the outcome of the prophetic vision of the Punjab Police and DAVCMC, it breathes rich cultural heritage. It was started, with a vision to provide quality education to the wards of Police Personnel, with a humble starting of only 247 students and 9 teachers. Now, it has attained a magnanimous stature with 5881 students on rolls and 226 teachers. The school has raced against time, uplifted education from being primordial lackadaisical routine affair and made it more pragmatic, sagacious and holistic. The air breathes of excellence and the soil is nourished by the nectar of integrity. The institute endeavours to maintain an equipoise between academic excellence, value sensitivity and social awareness.

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